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2016 Workshops:

Saturday Aug 20th 2016: Crossed over animal workshop @ Stones for Africa, Kingfisher Drive, Fourways, Johannesburg

Saturday and Sunday 1st and 2nd October 2016: Animal Telepathic Communication Workshop, Milnerton Ridge, Cape Town

Both these posters can be downloaded from the events page.  For contact details please see the Workshops and Events page.




The Animal Healing Centre was founded by Jenny Shone in 2005, and since then has focused on improving the relationship between animals and humans. 

Through providing:

  • a referral service to communicators for lost and missing animals,
  • and most importantly, workshops, training sessions and home study courses teaching humans how to communicate telepathically with animals,

The Animal Healing Centre has become more than just a physical location, it has become a concept which flourishes wherever animals are cared for, both domestic and wild. 

The intention of The Animal Healing Centre is to improve the care animals receive, through better understanding of their needs, and helping animals reach a better understanding of our requirements of them.

More and more often these days, "pet owners" are realising that providing food, shelter and affection are just not enough for their animal companions, that animals have deeper needs that require attention, such as the need for exercise, structure, emotional and mental enrichment, proper nutrition and other species-specific needs.  The Animal Healing Centre has a wealth of knowledge, understanding and commitment to meeting these needs in every animal they are asked to deal with through the Centre and it is this commitment that is leading to happy clients (the animals) and their happy humans.

Please browse through the site to view all that we have on offer.  We are adding new things all the time, so please bookmark and return to the site often.  We are also happy to hear from you and welcome any stories relating to your experience with animals.

Supporting animal charities are very important to us, so please take a moment to look at our charities page and support our fundraising events.

With love and light

Jenny and The Animal Crew

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