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Home Study Courses

NB - all these course notes are currently being updated so please be patient and watch this space.

After receiving many enquiries to do workshops or courses from people living in other countries, we decided to make it possible for these people to join us and learn the art of animal telepathic communication and healing by putting together various courses in home study format.

The workshops that have been converted and made available for home-study are:

Introduction to Interspecies Telepathic Communication.

  • Module 1 - This workshop introduces you to the magical word of animal telepathic communication. It shows you haw animals communicate "telepathically" with each other and gives you all the techniques necessary for you to connect and communicate with them in exactly the same way. Here you will learn how to "send & receive" messages to and from all animals.

The finer art of Interspecies telepathic communication

  • Module 2 - This takes you on a much deeper journey of discovery. Here we focus on the more advanced techniques concentrating on deepening your abilities and focusing on working with missing animals. We go to a very deep place and teach you exactly how to "become" the animal and look through his/her eyes to see what he/she might be looking at and literally "feel" how he/she is feeling at the time.
  • On this course we also focus on learning the finer art of doing an "intuitive" medical body scan. Finding out if there might be any blockages or possible abnormalities inside the body of the animal we are working on at the time.
  • While this is only a guideline it is vital to remember that it is only an indication and NOT to be used to diagnose or treat any animal. However it can be used to reach a deeper understanding of what could possibly be going on inside your animal so that you can then ask your Veterinarian to investigate further.

Masters Telepathy & Healing Course

This course is for anyone who is planning to take their telepathy to a different level and become a professional animal "whisperer" and healer.

  • This course focuses on ALL aspects of telepathy. We go even deeper and discover how insects communicate. We learn how to work on a deeper level with our guides, angels and elementals.
  • We go even deeper and learn all about the "energy" surrounding animals (aura) and the energy centres within the animal (chakras) out will discover exactly how to clear and balance these energies so as to reach the optimal health.
  • You will learn how and why animals (and humans) get sick in the first place because understanding where the "dis-ease" in the animal comes from in the first place will make it possible to try to prevent it from occurring. However there are no guarantees but with a deeper understanding it will benefit all concerned.
  • On this course we also include a few "teaching" techniques for those wanting to take this further and start educating others in this art.

All the above courses can be done in your own time with no pressure, However, the maximum time to get the biggest benefit is one month from start to finish.

"Please don't become permanent students"

A certificate of completion will be given after the courses are finished.

There are some differences between attending a workshop and doing a home-study course, so before deciding whether to do a home study course, or to attend a workshop, please read on. Whatever option you decide on, by the end of your training you will be able to communicate with all animals everywhere. The key to your success will be practice.

Hands-on workshops

During a hands-on one-day workshop everyone is put through a series of exercises "under supervision" designed to stimulate their intuitive abilities. They also get to do a fair amount of practical work on certain animals. The group energy together with the feedback from the participants after each exercise is vital in helping build the confidence of everyone.

Confidence is essential in making a deeper connection with any animal. When you are starting out it is very difficult to build your confidence, however once you have built confidence and you start to trust the information that comes through, it becomes a lot easier and the information is a lot clearer and far more detailed and accurate. This just takes time, practice and patience.

Part of communicating successfully telepathically is to be as relaxed as possible. If you are too anxious or try too hard, you will only be getting in your own way and could create blockages that will prevent you accessing your telepathic abilities. This is the reason we do various activities on these workshops to help you relax and enjoy yourselves. That way the benefits will be far greater for everyone taking part in these workshops.

Communicating with animals must be fun!

Home Study courses

The home study courses are quite a lot more intense. This is because you are basically doing this course on your own in the privacy of your own home and in your own time. There will be no pressure and you won't feel embarrassed over whether or not you are accurate or not, however you will need a lot of determination, commitment and discipline to do this course to achieve the results you are striving for.

The exercises and information are still the same as in the workshops but because there is no-one to help put you through the paces or answer your questions, the notes and quite detailed and in-depth.

The home study course contains a series of assignments communicating with your own animals as well as photographs of animals provided by The Animal Healing Centre. Confirmation and feedback is all done through email.

This course takes a lot longer due to the fact that you are working in your own time, at your own home, with your own animals.

Also available

Private workshops

The private workshops are designed for anyone not able or who choose to work in the privacy of their own homes with their own animals.



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