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Below is a selection of the wonderful stories, comments and feedback we get from our clients.  Enjoy!


Three Missing Dachshunds 

By Sandy Whitfield-Carter

Poor Liza, she was in a huge panic, over her 3 gorgeous little dachshunds. Liza and the family had moved to a new house very recently and the dogs has escaped from the garden, Liza was at work when a neighbour told her that her little dogs had got out and were missing. Fortunately, Liza called me, so I immediately put the white bubble of protection in place and looked for one of the dogs to connect to. Fido, the male, was the leader of the pack while the other two were girls.   

The three little dogs had gone for a run, not knowing the area, and had gone into the mealie fields behind the new house.   We guided Zoey back home first as she had left the other two and wandered off on her own, she arrived home in the early hours of the next morning. When I connected with Fido again, he was absolutely panicky he couldn't see anything beyond immediately in front of his nose and all he could hear was the noise of the wind blowing the mealie plants. The protective bubble was in place on the two of them Fido and Xenia, in my mind I pictured a silver cord attached so that I could help guide the two of them to the road.   Mom was right there when they came out of the mealies and she was able to pick them up.      

Liza and her sister had gone by car to the edge of the mealie field and drove around not having any luck, eventually the car was running out of petrol, so Liza had hurried off to get her own car and she returned to the mealie field a short while later. Out of the mealies came two little dogs, Fido and Xenia, straight to Liza's car.

Happy Mom and three tired little dogs! 


Getting Bella Home

By Sandy Whitfield-Carter

It was late Sunday afternoon when a phone call came from Becky. Her Jack Russell had run off during the morning into the same mealie fields that the three dachshunds had run into in the previous story. Becky had been driving around calling her for close on four hours when she phoned me. I connected with the little dog, whose name is Bella, she was still lost in the mealies - the only sounds she could hear was the sound of the wind and the plants rustling around her. she couldn't hear Becky calling her Since she is so small and with the plants so tall, it was quite dark down on the ground.    

The poor little girl whimpered in frustration as she didn't know which way to go. I asked Becky to park the bakkie at the edge of the field of mealies and not to move around. Just wait and watch for Bella coming to her. I put Bella in a bubble of white light for protection and attached a bright white lead to the bubble and then asked Bella to follow wherever the lead pulled her, and we would get her back to Mommy. Very shortly Bella scampered out of the mealies straight to where Becky had the bakkie parked.

We had a happy Bella and happy Becky. A good ending to a frightening few hours.


A Missing kitten

By Sandy Whitfield-Carter

This time it was Saturday morning, a very distraught Leigh-Anne called to say that one of her little black kittens had gone missing. As previously mentioned when we hear of an animal going missing the first thing is to put the bubble of protection around them, this I did with little Lillea. Leigh-Anne has several black cats all of whom she absolutely adores, she and her husband have a private rescue sanctuary in which they are housing about thirty cats in all.

However, Leigh-Anne was quick to note that one was missing, having put the protection around Lillea I introduced myself to her and reassured her that I was there to help her find her way home and I told her that we were going to get her back to Mommy, also I attached a long silver cord to show her the way back home, Lillea was a star and we got her back home in the early evening of the same day, none the worse for her walkabout, but very happy to be with her siblings and Mommy.


Benjamin's Tale 

By Sandy Whitfield-Carter

Benjamin is a lovely gentleman of a cat. He is a homely boy, but this time he had decided he had enough of walking sedately with Mom and Dad, and he decided he would go for an "adventure". Benjie was on a holiday with Ophelia and Howard in a small town in the Cape when one day he just went off on his own and didn't come back when called.

Out comes the Bubble of protection, and I start talking to Benjie, he tells me he is having a wonderful adventure, but he is intending to go home to Mom and Dad, but only when he is ready. I asked Benjie to show me where he was, all he could show me was veld. He loved the fact that the wind was blowing, and he said it reminded him of days past when he was free. Benjie it seemed, came from a feral life to live with his Mom and Dad in town. The end of the holiday was in a couple of days and Benjamin was still missing. We were all getting desperate.

Next time I connected with Benjie he showed me that he was on a hillside above the town. The main thing we could see was a church the rest was houses and little roads. I ascertained that Benjie could understand what the church was and I suggested he go to the church when the sun was setting and Mom and Dad will be there with some food waiting for him. First night, no Benjie. The second night was the night before Howard and Ophelia were due to leave for home in Cape Town which was much too far to come back in a hurry. Thankfully out came Benjie. He had recognised the area and to everyone's relief he managed to meet up with Mom and Dad. Everyone was extremely emotional and very happy to have their little boy back. 


Dear Friends,


It is with sadness and sense of loss that I inform us of the death of my beloved cat Orange. ( he was gently put to sleep yesterday evening at 18h00.)


From the moment in the year 2000 when I saved his life (from being shot by a neighbouring farmer who had already shot two of his siblings) the bond between us was forged.


He was indeed a miracle cat. People who normally don't like cats liked him. People who were allergic to cats weren't allergic to him. He was amazingly social ( a bit of a flirt, actually) and was interested in everything, other cats, dogs, humans. On his (many) visits to the vet he was more interested in the other animals in the waiting room than he was concerned with his own aches and pains. 


When coming face to face with a boisterous dog, he would stand his ground until the dog backed away. That's my Orange!


I took him to Johannesburg South Africa where I thought I was going to settle and to my horror lost him ( he'd gone looking for other cats to play with and became disorientated and couldn't find his way back to his new home).


With the help of a wonderful organisation called Animal Healing, who practise telepathic communication, after 3 long weeks of detective work we tracked him down and we were miraculously re-united.  I decided to move back to France. Sometimes at the end of these long journeys he's look at me with the expression of 'why ever did I choose you as my human!' but he never bore the slightest resentment to me or my absences, and always greeted me with joy.


Whenever he became sick I would contact Animal Healing and the 'healing' would be virtually instantaneous. The work they do is extraordinary and his receptiveness to their healing was wondrous to behold.


What a wonderful cat! Thank you Orange for bringing such joy and learning into my life.


With love,










September 2015

Good Morning Jenny


I hope you are well and had yourself a super weekend.


I just wanted to touch base and let you know that I did receive my book.  It took ages with the Post Office, but that is just how things are at the moment hey?


Anyway, I loved the book.  It definitely is a lot to digest and there is a lot more involved that I initially anticipated - however, having said that, I am so very excited to start on this journey.


I have never been more sure of anything in my life, and just know with my all that this is what I am supposed to be doing.


One of the things that rung a bell with me in the book was the area where you talk about it being very important not to go to places like Zoos etc. and feel sorry for the animals.  You talk about confusing them and making them feel like they have been wronged and should be unhappy.


Well I have a little mouse that my son rescued.  I got him when his eyes were still closed and he was not even weaned off his mommy as yet.  My son's friend has a snake and was feeding these mice to the snake when my poor son saw this little mouse just sitting shaking in the corner.  He stole it and brought it home.  Needless to say I know nothing about mice and ended up taking this little one to the vet to find out a little more. They gave me milk for it and some feeding syringes etc. 


And so the life of being  a mouse keeper began.  I put him in a cage and fed him and loved him.  I really wanted a partner for him, but after reading up on mice found out that male mice do not do well at all together and it often ends in death.  I was not prepared to get him a female as I don't want any breeding.


Then I read up on how they can become unhappy as they are social creatures and they develop "cage rage" and tear the cage up etc.  I was so busy feeling sorry for this little thing that I inadvertently  made him unhappy. I sent the message to him loud and clear that he was unhappy and lonely and was going to get cage rage.


Within days of reading it, my mouse had cage rage. He went mental tearing the place up.  I was distraught.  Then I read what you had to say and realised that I had caused it.  I went back and talked to him about what a lucky little mouse he was.  How he was saved and he has his own place to live now where he is safe and King of his space.  He gets food and love and he really is just the luckiest mouse alive.


And just like that he stopped his nonsense and went back to being perfectly happy.


I was thrilled.  Just thought I would share that with you.


Jenny, have you ,managed to see if you are able to come down this way and give a course at all?  Have you worked out the costings etc?  I am unable to pull anything together if I don't have dates or costs as I need these to chat to people about coming.


I look forward to hearing from you.


Lots of love and blessings






Hi Diana


Sorry for the late reply, I've been very busy. It was so good to see you again. I hope you are keeping well.


The Animal Communication Course was brilliant. Jenny is an amazing person. I really like how she is not big headed about her fantastic ability to talk to animals and very happy to share her knowledge. I definitely learnt a lot and have practised a little bit on my dogs. It does require a lot of practice which I will be doing.


Keep well and keep warm!

Love Nicky


Hi Diana ,
I'm sorry to be a nuisance , but just had to tell you about Misty .
Some folk are real sceptics when I talk about the course  , and look
at me as if I'm a senile old bat ! Their loss .
My friend , Maureen , came round for a glass of wine after work
yesterday . She was very keen to hear about the course . Anyway ,
before she arrived , I spoke to Tigger and Misty about being sociable
. They are both very nervous rescue cats . In fact , my friends
jokingly say they are a figment of my imagination , as nobody has ever
seen them .Well , while I was talking about her , Misty crept out from
behind the curtain ! She was clearly quite nervous , but came and sat
right next to Maureen's chair , and even allowed a bit of stroking
My animals are still not talking to me , but I get the distinct
feeling that Craig is getting quite impatient with me . He is a huge
ginger boy , and has always been very aloof . The poor thing has had
so much green light and so many white bubbles projected at him , that
he is slowly becoming quite cuddly , and doesn't beat up the little
girls nearly as much .
The dogs are much better about jumping up at visitors . They still
get very excited , but jump around the lawn instead .Also , Penny is
much better about digging up my lawn . Hallelujah !
I have had more success at the sanctuary , so my confidence is
building . Maybe I'll be brave enough to progress to level 2 soon .
I am going to a friend for lunch , today , so will see if her pets
will talk to me . .
Jenny has certainly opened up a whole new wonderful world for me .
I would love to be updated on your work with the dolphins . What a
magical thing to do .
Best regards ,
Elspeth .


 RE: Lion visit from Jenny

 Dear Jenny.

Thank you so much for the beautiful update and that things went so well - for you all.

Thought of you the whole time and happy to hear the good news.


Thank you once again for the amazing course and the privilege of meeting you all.

Always a reason for meeting people, ne.

The course changed my life and for the first time in 3 years, I have a reason to live.

The peace and love that filled me during the course is amazing.

It also took my relationship with my furry kids to a whole new level, to which they respond in kind.

Your book and cd is enlightening and just make me crave for more contact with animals.


Sorry I'm only replying now, but have been working myself into a state.

Been asking the universe and angels to make it possible for me to work with animals full-time as

the cut-throat tv and business industry is busy destroying me on so many levels.


All of the best with all your wonderful work 

and may you be loved and supported on all levels.



I love my pets, but have long been frustrated that I can't communicate with them. Are they happy or sad, are they in pain or uncomfortable, are my actions annoying them and so on? I thought I was never destined to know, until I met Jenny and decided to attend one of her courses. Her faith in my communication abilities was stronger than my doubt, and she won out. I've taken the first few small steps, and have had the joy of talking to my animals in a way that I know they've heard me and responded, and have been able to hear what they have to say to me. Would recommend this course to anyone who has a feeling that there is only a thin line between them and their animal companions. ~ Michael Payne


I was really amazed with level 2 of the animal communication course. I did not have much time to practice after level 1 and was worried I would not be able to do anything in level 2. But thanks to Jenny's amazing way of showing you how to connect with the animals I was astounded by the feedback I received from the animal tracking practice! It was very rewarding and I would recommend that anyone who has an interest in animals to give it a try. Jenny is an incredible person and the group of people I worked with were inspiring. There was a very positive vibe that just seemed to make the information flow! It was an eye opening experience and I enjoyed it very much and look forward to learning more in future. ~ Debbie-Lynn Kirstein


Jenny runs her animal communication workshop in a relaxed and happy atmosphere. She has a knack of gently guiding you from level to level of knowledge, encouraging your intuitive abilities, and before you know it, you are truly communicating with animals! It was a most enriching experience that has expanded my awareness and connection to the animal world.  ~ Jane Theron


Hi Jenny

You communicated with my horse No Rule (Ruly or Champ as I call him now) after Pretoria Show in August and gave me such great feedback and a mantra to perform.

Just thought I would let you know that I did the Charvid show (dressage only) about 2 weeks ago in Pretoria!  Wow, what a great day we had. We put out our highest score ever - I took him back to Prelim as this is less pressure for him! He was calm, beautiful and just a champ! The judges comments were: "What a gentlemen!".

Thanks so much for what you have done for both of us! Your advice was invaluable (I took the rescue remedy this time, and because I was calm and focused - he was so sure of himself!).

Have a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year! And thanks once again for what you do with all furry friends - you are making a difference!




Hi Jenny,

I have to tell you what happened yesterday!!!

We live next door to my boyfriend's parents, who have been on holiday for a week. For the entire week they have been away, 2 of their dogs have been barking… when I wake up in the morning, they're barking, and when I go to sleep at night - they're still barking!

Yesterday I went to have a little "chat" with them. I told them that they were doing a great job at protecting the house while their parents were away. I also told them that they would be back in a week's time, and told them where they were.

I asked them if they would carry on the great job of looking after the house, but only barking at intruders, or if something was wrong.

Guess what!!!

We didn't hear a single sound from them. I popped my head around the fence to see what they were up to, and they seemed so much more relaxed and content in just knowing where their parents are!

Wow! I really can't thank you or Jenny enough! I learnt so much on Saturday - and am loving every minute of it!

All my love.

Margaret - Ann


Hi Jenny,

Hope you are well. Just want to share something really special with you ---- I had a praying mantis jump onto my hair as I went past a shrub yesterday. It crawled down my EAR and sat on my arm looking straight at me. I asked it if he had a message for me. He showed me that he is in harmony with his surroundings. When the time was right then he would respond to the situation [catching food etc]. Everything has its time when we are in harmony with our environment [this includes our bodies] and in stillness we find healing.

I looked up Praying Mantis and found this powerful message. It really spoke loud to me.

Have a blessed day

Love Meryl

Understanding the significance of the PRAY MANTIS

Power of calmness, stillness, silence, time of meditation, inner reflection, stillness in healing or in creativity, teaches how to manipulate surroundings with skill, direct the body's energy to empower the body. Are you taking some quiet time for yourself? Are you being patient with those around you? Are you moving toward your goals? However slow it may take, patience and perseverance is the key. Are you allowing the time to stop and pause in between tasks? Are listening carefully to yourself, others and your surroundings - in other words are you paying attention?  Praying Mantis can teach you how to balance these energies.



This reading is really wonderful - amazing!

So much like my Paris - I always knew she was a special kitty, and I am very pleased that she wants to teach and give messages to your students!! I think its wonderful! Thanks so very much for this, I am just over the moon that she is so happy!! I am so grateful!

I have done the photo's of my other babies, and will send questions for 3 today. I think I'd really like to do what Jenni has done, do these readings, and then if you could do a house call at some stage. Jenny also said you have a workshop on in September which we'd both love to attend.

Jenny I just can't express how happy I am with this reading, just to know that she is happy, makes me happy!!

Thanks again!


----------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Jenny,

Firstly, THANK YOU for the most fantastic, soulful book I have ever read! I cried all the way through, sometimes out of joy and sometimes out of sadness. I am mad, mad, mad about animals but can't rationalise my emotions in so far as to help at an SPCA or animal welfare organisation. I wont even visit petshops, zoos nor circuses and have gotten myself into verbal arguments with strangers over their animals.

Anyway, the reason I am contacting you is I had a red Bull Terrier male, Courtney, who passed away a couple of years ago with cancer in his jaw at the age of 8. I have many guilts about certain issues that took place between Courtney and my husband and on the odd occasion me (whilst I was trying to pretect him).

My husband didn't ill treat him as such but there were incidences that Courtney should never have experienced. We were both with him while he was euthanased (at my decision). We both cried for him and I still do (and am right now). I am actually going to reread your book and will make every effort to try and meditate. I battle with concentration normally but will give it my best shot.

Best regards,

Margaret Perry


Hello ladies

Thanks again for a fabulous kids workshop yesterday. Jesse thoroughly enjoyed it and has spent practically every waking moment practicing. We have tested him a couple of times and asked him for information we knew he didn't have access to and he has come up with the correct answers more often than not. He certainly seems to have learnt some valuable lessons with you and his self esteem has taken a major turn for the better. He has set his sights on being the best darn animal communicator kid this side of the Sahara. It's a fabulous development to watch!

You guys do truly amazing work. We can only speak from personal experience, but your impact on our family's quality of life over the past few months has been staggering. If course, taking decent care of your pets is not cheap, so we're a little poorer than we were a few months ago, but we are just so much happier, and your work had a lot to do with that development.

Thanks again. We'll see you soon for one of the adult workshops.

Martie Odendaal

 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Jenny

Thanks so much for all the support. I put him to sleep today. He stopped eating and couldn't walk anymore. I am at peace as I feel I did it neither a day too early nor a day too late. His last hours were spent lying with me and drifting in and out of a peaceful sleep.

The vet came to the house and he was actually asleep when the needle went in. He did not even register it and nor did he even have nervous twitches from the euthanase.

It was so peaceful.

Jenny thanks so much again. If you can contact his spirit I would love to know if there is any specific message.

Thanks again for everything.



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