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Telepathic animal communication: discover what your pet - or a wild animal - thinks

Can we listen and "speak" to animals? A new book by Jenny Shone, international animal communicator and healer, confirms this innate ability.  Jenny talks about the principles of connecting with domestic and wild animals, how pets may mirror our medical and emotional problems, how they may help us heal, and on helping missing animals find their way home. Her real-life stories include light moments and profound insights. Sponsored content. 

Jenny Shone and Patricia
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In ep. 66 of the weekly podcast series Calm, Clear and Helpful, Jenny touches on

  • how she was born understanding what animals think and feel 
  • how she started doing her work after the bottom had fallen out of her world 
  • why people consult her
  • why she wrote Purr-fect voices: a deeper understanding of animals and telepathic communication - with the help of several animals!
  • what she regards as "proof" of connection, since there is no scientific proof that telepathic animal communication works
  • the prerequisites for intuitively connecting with animals, and the steps to follow
  • the specific ways in which cats and dogs communicate telepathically and how to approach them
  • why a domestic animal could pick up stress or illness from its owner
  • which pet is quite happy to be an only animal
  • what to do when a dog barks incessantly (or is afraid of the dark!)
  • horses' fascinating characteristics, including their healing abilities 
  • connecting with the "little ones" like spiders and snails
  • why animals sometimes go missing and what to do
  • how communicating with wild animals differs from communicating with domestic animals 
  • some animals' deep insight into the human condition
  • Jenny's 3 tips on learning to communicate with animals.
In this episode, Jenny mentions the book Straight from the horse's mouth by Amelia Kinkade.

Purr-fect voices: a deeper understanding of animals and telepathic communication by Jenny Shone is available on and all the Amazon, Kindle and Ingram Sparks sites. You can order a signed copy from Jenny at - only if you're living in South Africa.
The same applies to Jenny's 2005 book: Paws & listen to the voices of the animals.
Jenny Shone verduidelik dat telepatiese kommunikasie met diere nes 'n nuwe taal is wat jy aanleer. Lees die artikel hier. 

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Contact details
Jenny is an internationally recognised animal communicator, healer, Reiki master, speaker, educator, author and co-founder of the Animal Healing Centre near Walkerville. She offers remote and in-person communication sessions and energy healing. Jenny also teaches telepathic animal communication and healing through workshops, either in person or through home study. 
Tel. 082 450 1158
Jenny with Jessica
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Music by Mart-Marie Snyman
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