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More information on our consultation service:

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Our aim is to bring balance, enhance understanding between species, and facilitate a deeper connection and bond with our animal friends.


All of our communication sessions include recommendations and suggestions.  We request that you approach all the suggestions and recommendations with an open mind.  Whatever we are requested to do and communicate to the animal, it more often than not can be a result of a human-based behaviour which has caused this behaviour  and our suggestions are to help the humans understand the animal's perspective and their way of thinking.  An animal experiences the world in a very different way to the way we experience it.


In order to do a communication session, we ask for the following which helps to maximise the benefit received, by both animal and human alike.


- a photograph of your animal, preferably one with the face pointing towards the camera (Please make it less than 1 meg)

- a list of questions you would like answered during the session

- in the case of a behaviour-correcting session, a list of the behaviours you would like addressed, as well as a list of desired behaviours you would rather have

- in the case of a preparation session, such as a move, holiday, trip to vet or kennels, upcoming surgery or even time spent in quarantine during immigration to another country, please give a detailed explanation and list of what can be expected by your animal friend, in order to fully prepare them.  Try to view things from the perspective of your animal friend to help with this list, and pay particular attention to any changes in their routine and changes in the people they normally deal with.

- A session can also be arranged to help an animal deal with loss as a result of the passing on of another animal companion or human


- In the case of the following -


Preparation Session

This is our broadest category as it involves preparing the animal for any change to routine, environment, family, an event etc.  Some of the particular changes we are asked to help prepare the animal for include:

  • Preparation for surgery
  • Human family going on holiday, which could include going to kennels or being looked after by someone while they are away
  • Going on holiday with the family
  • Moving to a new home or to a new country
  • Spending time in quarantine as a result of immigration
  • Trip to the vet
  • Addition to family, either human or animal
  • Loss of an animal or human companion
  • Change in environment, e.g. building alterations to home


How to maximise a preparation session

To ensure your animal friend is as prepared for the change or event as possible, please provide us with a detailed list of what the animal can expect during this time.  Things such as times of the day, what to expect during the period, changes in the people they will deal with, changes to their normal routine etc.  We urge you to look at things from the perspective of your animal friend, and write down anything that may be different for them.


Behaviour correcting session

Unwanted behaviours can cause havoc, stress and upset to a whole family.  Using a communication session to refocus behaviours works well in addressing these issues.  During such a session we focus on understanding the underlying causes of the behaviour, deal with any emotional or health issues that may be causing the unwanted behaviours and offer suggestions to you, the human, to help correct the unwanted behaviours and communicate clearly to the animal what it is that is required, and what is unwanted.  Where health issues may be involved, we recommend a visit to the vet.  Our suggestions in terms of health issues will involve techniques, products and services that will support healing, but are not intended to replace vet care.

Unwanted behaviours can often be caused by either confusion in the animal, post-traumatic stress after a traumatic event.

Unwanted behaviours can include anything from biting, scratching, fighting with pack-mates, chewing things, spraying (cats), extreme fear and anxiety, aggressiveness towards visitors and strangers, in fact anything that creates stress and anxiety in the humans, can be addressed and dealt with in a way that brings understanding and a lessening of the behaviour.


How to maximise a behaviour-correcting session:

In order to completely address an unwanted behaviour, it assists us greatly to have a list of the behaviours that are unwanted, as well as a list of behaviours that would be more desirable.  Each household, and family, is unique, and often have different perceptions of what behaviours are considered acceptable and which aren't.


Animals and Crossing-over

Animals are very connected psychically & intuitively.  As a result, they are often very aware of when their time to cross-over has come, even in the case of accidents.  Nothing is by chance, and animals often bring us to this awareness, especially when it comes to crossing over.

Communication sessions can be used to find out if an animal is ready to cross over as well as communicating with animals that have already crossed over.

A communication session with an animal that has already crossed over can be very different to a normal communication session.  As the animal has crossed-over, their concept of time is completely different, and they are immediately more detached from the lower physical vibration that made up their previous lifetime.  They will often communicate things from a much broader perspective, with a greater understanding of the greater plan that runs throughout all our lives.  While a part of them will always remain with their humans, and their unconditional love will never waver, their perspective shifts and becomes a more spiritual perspective.



Grief, depression or Trauma Counselling

Animals experience loss and feel grief as we do when losing someone near and dear to them.  Having said that, the way they deal with the process of grief should be a lesson for all humanity.  They grieve, they pine, they mourn, and they let it go and move on.  Sometimes, though, they are held back by the longer mourning process that their humans may be feeling and going through, especially when the humans are battling to move through their grief and have blocked all or part of it.

A communication session is of great benefit to help the animal release the grief, as well as provide them with a better understanding of the human process of grieving.  It gives them a chance to express their grief, gain understanding into their human's ways of dealing with grief, and learn to leave the human's emotions for the human to deal with.

So too, with depression and trauma counselling.  Depression is not an emotion animals are on earth to deal with and often become depressed as a result of a traumatic event, or as a result of having taken on the negative emotions felt and expressed by the humans surrounding them.

Humans are the only species on earth that have to deal with negativity in all it's forms.  Sometimes, in a misguided wish to love and help their humans, they will take on the negative emotions of their humans.  Being unable to deal with them, these emotions may build up inside them, and without the coping skills to deal with these emotions, they can lead to depression, and even physical illness.


I hope this helps you understand a little more of just how important and helpful a communication session can be for the animals and the entire family. If you don't understand what is causing the behaviour then how will you ever be able to fix it?


Please bear all this in mind when requesting a session with your animal friends.


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