Tribute to Isis


2022 October


Hello Everyone,

It is with a VERY heavy heart that I am writing this tribute to Isis.
She crossed over the rainbow bridge yesterday afternoon after being unwell for quite some
time. The vet came to the house so that she didn't become stressed and could pass in the
comfort of her own home with all the dogs and people around that she loved.

She came into my life as a seven-week-old puppy and immediately fell in love with my big
boy Riff-Raff. He took her under his big paw and looked after her so well.

When she was still a little puppy we had snow and Isis, Riff-Raff, Stacy and I went outside in
the middle of the night to play in the snow.

Here you see Riff-Raff rolling around in the snow while Isis looks on.

One of my fondest memories of Isis is her relationship with the cats. She didn't like strange
dogs but she loved the cats. She would often stand between them when they were hissing at
each other. When I new cat arrived and the cats would hiss, I would always just say "Isis"
and she would separate them by just standing between them until they calmed down.

In our home the dogs have their own lounge and Isis just loved lying on her couch and
watching the other dogs cavort around. Sometimes she would sit on her couch and watch TV
with me in the evenings.

Recently we started taking all the dogs for a run and some fun to Genius Dog park where Isis
would join in with all the fun and run around like a puppy.
These outings were always so much fun.

Every Sunday we would all go to doggy school where Isis would sit with me and watch the
other dogs getting put through their paces. Very often we would all go for coffee at different
dog friendly places after our school session.

By this time she had developed a problem with her back and her joints so couldn't do a lot of
running. However, we could still take her for short walks around the block a few times a

A couple of weeks ago she celebrated her 15th Birthday. On this day we took her and the other dogs to Café De Cirq for coffee and doggy treats. She loved this outing and here you see her with her special birthday flowers around her neck.

Although I always love all my animals and spend all my spare time doing fun things with them, Isis was always a one in a million dog. She was my absolute soul dog and followed me everywhere. In our family she was difinitely the alpha and would take no nonsence from the other dogs. However, she was so incredably gentle and loving and NEVER misbehaved in any way.

Even as a puppy. She was just so special in every way. "I love you Isis and although there is a huge hole in my heart, I know that you are around me and your soul is flying high. I have comfort in knowing that you are once again with your beloved Riff-Raff and Stacy. You will always be in my heart and my thoughts. Fly well my angel dog and know that you will always be loved by me and all the people who ever met you as well as Sherlock, Gabriel, and Leyla. We love you my girl. Keep shining your light down on us. We can see if and we do feel it. Thank you for choosing to be a part of our family for a full 15 years. You will NEVER be forgotten. I will meet you in my dreams and look forward to being with you again one day" 

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