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The different types of workshops & courses

The Animal Healing Centre runs workshops aimed at teaching humans how to create harmony, enhance balance and facilitate understanding with their animal companions. The workshops are relaxed, fun and for anyone interested in deepening the bond with animals, their own or others.

Workshops are individually costed due to the unique venue requirements (animals, nature & other) and cost is influenced by venue hire, travel expenses etc.

We aim to hold workshops at least once a month, in various parts of the country, depending on the number of participants.

On request a "private" workshop consisting of the module 1 and 2 Animal Telepathic Communication can be hosted in the privacy of your own home working with your own animals. Depending on location.

For the private workshops a specific costing will be done depending on the location of the workshop. However there will be one set fee but for these workshops we consider anything ujp to four people to still fall into the realm of "private" so if you get three friends to join you the workshop cost will be shared amongst the four of you.

Details will be provided on request.

The workshops are as follows:

  • Module 1 Animal Telepathic Communication
  • Module 2 Higher Techniques of Animal Telepathic Communication
  • Masters & ESP Healing & Telepathy Deeper Course
  • Connecting with animals that have crossed over
  • Specialised Missing Animal Workshop
  • Private Workshops

Module 1 Animal Telepathic Communication Workshop:

Have you ever wondered what your dog is trying to say when it looks at you with those big, soulful eyes? Do you wonder where your cat roams at night while you sleep? How your horse feels when you sit on his/her back? Then this is the workshop for you. Animals have been communicating telepathically for as long as they have walked the earth. Humans are the only species that have allowed this ability to become dormant, and the Module 1 Communication workshop is all about reconnecting with that part of yourself that communicates telepathically. Through various exercises, meditations and group work, the participants are led into a deeper connection with themselves, a reconnection with their telepathic skills, and a toolbox from which ongoing further development of telepathic communication with animals can be practiced and used, long after the workshop has ended.

This is a one day workshop where you will learn how you communicate telepathically with all animals, and how to open yourself to hearing what they have been trying to you on a daily basis.

Module 2 Higher Techniques of Animal Telepathic Communication:

Telepathic communication has many levels, and many uses. In this one day workshop, participants will deepen their understanding of the telepathic communication skills learnt in module 1. Participants will be taught various uses for telepathic communication, including the basic skills in working with lost and missing animals You will also be shown techniques of how to possibly guide your own animals home if they are missing.

Everyone will also learn the powerful art of performing an intuitive medical body scan in order to find possible abnormalities inside the animal.

N/B This is for the purpose of "assisting" your veterinarian in their investigation and not to be used as a substitute for traditional veterinary care.

In the module 2 we take our telepathic abilities to a whole new level and start applying all our telepathic skills to our everyday lives.

This workshop is extremely intense but still a lot of fun.

Masters Communication & ESP Healing Course

Masters Telepathic Communication Course is offered to students who have completed modules 1 and 2 Animal Telepathic Communication workshops or have achieved a certain level of proficiency in their use of these skills.

In this course, held over a four week period, we focus on developing your intuition and taking it to a level that many people only dream of. We develop a much deeper understanding of all animals including the insect world.

ESP Animal Healing Techniques

Once this course has been completed, you will be left with the abilities and skills to take your communication further and start educating others in this respect.

Whether you decide to educate or not, this is not to be missed if you are serious about working with animals.

After completing the module 1 Telepathic Communication Workshop, participants often find themselves becoming aware of and opening up to "energy work" to help sick or distressed animals. In this course, held over four consecutive Saturday mornings, participants are introduced to various healing therapies, including aura cleansing, chakra balancing, touch work and distance healing. These techniques are all gentle, non-invasive techniques that can safely be used on animals to help heal, balance and improve heath and general well-being.

Connecting with animals that have crossed over

It is an extremely difficult time when a loved animal crosses over. However the soul never dies, only the physical body dies. The soul lives on forever in another dimension. This workshop helps you connect with your animal friend who has crossed-over to this wonderful place and it gives you a much deeper and better understanding of the energy surrounding the souls of our animals and humans alike.

Specialised Missing Animals Workshop

As working with missing animals is very different to normal communications in many aspects, this workshop, which we recently introduced, will educate potential communicators serious about working with missing animals to the various aspects, techniques and differences between missing animal and normal communications. You will be taught some more advanced techniques that can be used in this specialised side of animal communication. We will also include an introduction to basic counselling techniques in working with the humans of missing animals as well as the counselling of the animals themselves. Also included are some techniques of ways to "guide" your own animals home in certain situations.

This workshop will provide essential tools to help those who wish to become a part of this wonderful, but sometimes heart-wrenching service.

While there is never a guarantee that the animal will be reunited with his/her family, there is always a guarantee that a connection will be made on some level.

NEW - Psychic Development Workshop

This is a whole new and exciting workshop designed to re-awaken and open up all the psychic abilities that we are all born with but have shut down over the years due to peer pressure and left brain activities.

Opening up your psychic senses can be achieved through certain meditations and exercises designed to strengthen and focus on the right brain activity.

This workshop is a LOT of fun and you will be amazed at the information you pick up on many levels during the course of this workshop.

Developing your psychic abilities is a vital part of being able to connect and work on a very deep telepathic level with all animals (wild and domestic)

Hosting a workshop

All one or two day workshops are available to those living ''out of town'' for anyone willing to "Host" a workshop.

Please enquire directly form Jenny at

Private Workshops

These workshops are designed for anyone living in and around the Johannesburg area who prefer to work in the comfort and privacy of their own homes with their own animals.

A private workshop is costed according to the area and four participants is still considered "private" The cost will then be shared between all four participants.



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