Animal Telepathic Communication and Healing


What is animal telepathic communication and animal healing?

Animal Telepathic Communication

Being able to communicate telepathically with all animals is about tapping into our own intuitive abilities that we are all born with and learning how to feel and understand what the animals are trying to convey to us on a daily basis. Animals have been communicating telepathically for as long as they have walked the planet. Humans are the only species that have allowed this ability to become dormant. Telepathic communication is more than just a "mind-communication" as is often depicted in sci-fi movies, it involves the full range of senses, which is perhaps why it has, for so long, been overlooked and poo-pooed, because it is so diverse.

Communicating telepathically with an animal is also not about giving an animal human characteristics, qualities and emotions (anthropomorphism). Heavens, no! To do so would be doing animals a huge disservice.

Humans are also the only species that have come to earth with the purpose of learning to deal with negativity in all its forms - anger, hatred, fear, anxiety, stress, worry and so on and so on - and because animals don't deal with such emotions in their natural state, its only in relation to humans that they come into contact with such emotions, and sometimes absorb these emotions into themselves, either in an effort to help their human deal with something, or as a result of having such an emotion forced upon them time and again. An example of the latter would be an abused dog that is forced to suffer at the hands of an angry human, and often ends up angry and displaying abusive and violent characteristics itself. Just as a child would do in the same situation.

Animals have their own range of emotions, characteristics, qualities, and wisdom. The way to tell these emotions apart from our own emotions is by the "feeling" of beauty and lightness that comes through with their emotions. Their love is the purest and most unconditional of love, their happiness the most joyous and full of fun, their wisdom the gentlest and most truthful and loving.

Animals have always communicated with us in this way. It is only through our ego, fear and blockages that have developed over the years that prevents us from accessing this part of ourselves that we don't hear what they are trying to convey to us on a daily basis. They are very much in touch with everything we think, and feel, so learning to communicate with them is more about learning how to "hear" them. Learning how our often negative thoughts and stresses impact on an animal is also important so that we can learn to modify and communicate in a positive way and from a space of the present time, rather than from the past or future.

Telepathic communication with animals involves learning how to still one's mind, how to get away from the busy-ness of our everyday thoughts, and how to achieve a state of stillness, of quietness in the mind. To ultimately reach out "still point" or as it is often referred to "zero point energy field" It is only from this quiet space that we will be able to feel and recognise what we receive from the animals around us. Everyone has the ability to do this, it requires practice, discipline and more practice to develop this ability and make it stronger. Just like a muscle that hasn't been used in quite a while.

Basically it is learning a new language. The language of love.

Remember - the more you put in the more you will get out.


Animal Healing

Animal healing, in the context of The Animal Healing Centre, is the use of a variety of alternative health therapies to bring animals back to health, ease stress and anxiety, heal from surgery, release fears, and for any other health or behaviour problem stemming from emotional distress and dis-ease.

All of these therapies are non-invasive, non-intrusive forms of energy work, and work well in both distant healing and one-on-one sessions. Animals are very open to energy work, and respond extremely well to all of these therapies. They can be used to clear emotional blockages throughout the body, resulting in an easing of stress, anxiety, trauma, fear, as well as facilitating physical healing to an injury or operation.

It is often our experience that the animals in a household reflect the blockages and emotional distress experienced by their humans, and will often display a physical illness as a result of these emotional blockages before the humans are aware of it, and before it starts to become a physical dis-ease within. As a result of this, we often find ourselves focusing on the helping the humans to clear their own energy in order to benefit their animal companions.

Although we focus on "energy" healing, it is still vital to seek conventional; veterinary treatment as well.

What an animal healer does is focus on clearing the energy and possible blockages in the chakras (energy centres within the animals body) as well as cleans and smooths the energy surrounding the animals physical body (the aura) and in doing so it makes it possible for the body to heal itself.

There are many different modalities around healing and this is a personal choice of the healer as to which form of healing will benefit a particular animal the most.

Both human client and animal client need to be comfortable with the healing technique that will take place.

Any form of healing should never be done without the permission of the animal or human.

Please note - the above is a supportive measures and not to be substituted for traditional veterinary care!


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