Dare 2 Dream Equine Assisted Therapy


When the heart is freed, dreams can come true.

Equitherapy - healing one child at a time.

The Dare 2 Dream Program is a horse-assisted therapy program for vulnerable, neglected and abused children.

The Program was founded in 2004 by Brenda de Klerk and Lynn Wheatly and was based on the rehabilitation of neglected and abused horses who, when healed and rehabilitated, make an invaluable contribution to the children's healing.

Rehabilitation can take up to two years before the horses are emotionally and physically stable enough to be integrated into the program to help in the children's healing process. These horses make an invaluable contribution, and positive results can be seen from as early as the first interaction.

In the past, Dare 2 Dream has worked with Abraham Kriel, St. Nicholas, Don Matara, St. George's (All children's homes & places of safety), the Twilight Children's Street Shelter and Cortland's. These programs were designed to address PTSD, sexual abuse, substance abuse as well as mental, physical and emotional developmental issues resulting from various toxic home situations.

Due to COVID and a variety of factors affecting the economic situation in South Africa, Dare 2 Dream has had to scale back, and we currently support a much smaller group of children directly from families. With your support, we can rekindle
the program and again begin making a positive impact for those who would ever have the opportunity to encounter the wonder and healing power of equines.

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