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In this issue: * Tribute to Christopher cat * ego vs. love * Seagulls, fun and freedom * Panthera Africa workshop highlights and info * highlights of workshop in aid of Weimaraner Rescue * Next workshop in October * Animal Message Cards (Isis and Gabriel)* Angel and Animal cards

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Hello Everyone,


As we look forward to the arrival of spring, I hope you and your animal companions have been keeping very well this winter!!!


It is with a very sad heart that I tell you that we have had another loss of a very special animal. Sammy's cat ''Christopher Cat'' crossed over a few weeks ago.  He had been battling with his health for a while.


Christopher was ''and still is'' an extremely powerful healer and helped many learners discover the finer art of telepathic communication between humans and animals. He was always so willing to teach and help those who were battling. Every level 2 workshop we had I always took his photograph along and we connected with him. The wisdom he always showed us was just amazing and so inspiring.


I can remember the very first time I met Christopher in person. Sammy had invited me to come over for lunch. We were sitting outside on the trampoline just enjoying the outdoors and the sun when Christopher came and jumped up on the trampoline and sat there with us. He had such a great personality and I fell in love with him immediately.


Christopher we wish you well on this next leg of your journey and we know that you will still be there to help teach us as we move on in our own special ways. Thank you for enlightening us and sharing your wisdom, lessons and love with us for so many years. We are going to miss you.


Sammy, Martin, Jamie and the rest of your animal family, you are in my thoughts.





EGO vs love


This morning while I was meditating I connected with Riff-Raff and Stacey in their soul form. I asked them if they had anything they would like me to talk about and share with all of you in this newsletter. They both said I should talk about the EGO. 


This is what they inspired me to write.


While it is extremely important for us to ''love and value'' ourselves, there is a huge difference between loving ourselves, valuing ourselves and coming from a place of EGO. If we have NO self- love and we don't value ourselves we will never be successful in anything we do.


Riff-Raff and Stacey said I should explain it this way: ''anything that comes from the heart is based in love but the minute you go into your head you go straight into ego mode''. If you function from a place of ego you will never have success when communicating with animals. All our communication with animals needs to come directly from our heart.

In order to get the most out of your connections with all animals it is vital to ''open your heart and get out of your head''


I have seen this in many people that I have worked with over the years, the minute they start ''thinking'' about what they are doing they lose the connection. The minute we start to think ''can I do this, is it going to work, will the animal hear me, will I hear the animal?'' we immediately block ourselves. We basically get in our own way. However if we relax, stand back and allow the energy to flow without getting caught up in the result, the information starts to pour in.


Our ego comes in when we start trying to be ''right'' all the time.  When we become embarrassed to say what we pick up for fear of being wrong or being laughed at by others.


When we work from the heart and connect with an animal letting go of any preconceived ideas of what he or she should be saying to us, we will only then be in a place of pure love. This will lead to much more success and the animals will be very willing to answer all our questions. 


The ego has no place when working with animals. The important things to remember are LOVE and INNOCENCE. If we look at the innocence in the animals around us we will find the innocence in ourselves and we will then be functioning at our peak.


A snippet from Sammy



Thank you, Jenny, for your kind words about Christopher Catt.  I have never been more glad of having learnt to hear what animals are saying than I was during Chris-Catt's last few days with us.  Thank you for teaching me all those years ago, Jenny.

Chris and I spent the time together bonded in gratitude, with open hearts and warm memories, reliving together the life he lived with us, and I was able to thank him and appreciate him for everything he brought to our lives. 

At one point during this time, I wondered who would be there to meet him when he crossed over, back into spirit, and was surprised when I smelt an aroma from childhood that I haven't smelt in all the years since.  It was the distinctive aroma of the breakfast my mom would always eat, the unique combination of Bovril, toast, tomato and egg, and I remembered how cats were always so attracted to her and I felt comforted that perhaps she would be there to greet Chris-Catt. 

When the time came to assist him to cross over (with his agreement), I felt that it would be some time before I would sense and feel him around me, as it is my understanding that animals, like humans, go through a period of transition and adjustment when they cross over, and go through something of a life-review process where the lessons learned during the last lifetime are reflected upon, understood and incorporated.  I was surprised to feel him around me almost immediately, and when I asked him why this was, he said that our spending the time prior to his crossing over, as well as during and after, in gratitude and with open hearts and warm memories, eased the transition greatly. 

He said this is something to be shared with other humans, that any crossing over is eased when it can be done with thoughts of gratitude, and an open heart.  Fill the space that is left with warmth, love and gratitude as when animals cross over, they take with them a chunk of negativity leaving a space, a vacuum, that can be filled with whatever we focus on.

Fly free my Chris-Catt, thank you for the spiritually purposeful life you shared with me.


Seagulls, fun and freedom

I once heard Jenny mention that birds fly only when they need to, never “just for fun”.  This came back to me one day while I was watching seagulls float by suspended by their wings above the currents of a gusty wind.  While out on a walk with my dog Abbey, I connected with their group consciousness and posed the question, “do you ever fly for fun?”.  What came back was, “What is fun?” 

So I presented what fun meant to me: sensations, feelings and images of joy, happiness, laughter, a sense of freedom , doing stuff without a purpose, just for the feelings of joy it evoked within.  The seagulls responded by saying that everything they do has that sense of freedom, joy, gratitude within it, this is how they feel all the time with whatever they are doing. 

This was profound to me, and it got me to thinking about how we humans compartmentalise fun into something separate from “what we do”.  We divide our time into the things we have to do, achieve, complete and then we have the things we do for fun.  And yet, what if we brought a sense of fun, gratitude, laughter and love into everything we do?  What if we changed the way we divided up our lives into compartments and instead put everything into the box labelled fun?  And if there is no way we can do that with certain things, is that not a sign that we need to change what we do, and create anew what we do so that we CAN put it in the box labelled fun?  I'm reminded of the story of Buddha, who was asked on his return from climbing the mountain to find enlightenment, what enlightenment was like and his answer was to say, “before enlightenment: chop wood, carry water; after enlightenment: chop wood, carry water.  That it's not WHAT we do that matters, it's the way we think about what we do that matters. 


Until next time, I wish you a peaceful and joyful time, filled with blessings, gratitude and an abundance of animal hearts around you.



Highlights of Workshops


Panthera Africa


On the 30th June and 1st of July we held a workshop in the Western Cape at a Big Cat Sanctuary called Panthera Africa. Panthera is a truly amazing sanctuary for all big cats. It is run by two amazing ladies. Their focus is only on the upliftment, safety and protection as well as mental, physical and emotional well- being of the big cats that they rescue from various unsavoury situations around the country.


We were lucky enough to meet a few lions, tigers, leopards, caracals and jackals. Not to forget the little dog, Scorgo, and stunning domestic cat, Neo.


The group of people taking part in this workshop were terrific. Some of them were volunteers from other countries who came to Panthera to work with and learn about ethical conservation and wild animals, together with locals from around the Cape. It was such a great experience sharing this experience and working with all of these special people. They made such powerful connections with all the animals they connected with. Here are a few of the highlights of this workshop.


 Lizaene and Cathrine are in the process of designing and building an enrichment area for the big cats where they (the cats) will all get turns to go into the enrichment area to play and be mentally stimulated.  Please go to their website,,  to donate toward these amazing animals. Your donation will be greatly appreciated.


Thank you so much Sammy and Laverne for assisting on this workshop. Thank you also to Lizaene and Cat for hosting this workshop and allowing us to work with your amazing animals.  My stay with you was far too short. I am really looking forward to my next visit.


Lizaene and Cathrine have very kindly allowed me to put a little information about Panthera Africa in this newsletter.


About Panthera Africa 

Panthera Africa is a non-profit company (NPC no; 2014/002629/08) founded by Lizaene Cornwall and Cathrine S. Nyquist. The name Panthera Africa is inspired by the passion Lizaene and Cathrine have for the four pantheras; panthera leo - the lion, panthera pardus - the leopard, panthera onca - the jaguar and panthera tigris - the tiger.

Panthera Africa is an environmentally friendly sanctuary for any captive bred big cats, where they will be protected and prosper for the rest of their lives.

One of Panthera Africa's main purposes is to be an educational platform where we create awareness about conditions big cats face in captivity, and how animal welfare and enrichment play a vital role in giving them the best captive life possible. We are a true sanctuary where no cub petting, breeding or trading takes place.

Panthera Africa believes in the connection between both environmental and wildlife conservation, and aims to become the first "green" big cat sanctuary in South Africa, and run solely on solar energy.

Panthera Africa has found its 40 hectare paradise with a beautiful home for the animals, the owners and the many volunteers visiting. The land is filled with lots of large trees, a natural spring and an amazing 360 degree mountain view!

We strongly believe in the saying "In union there is strength" - and by standing together, human and animal, we believe in the possibility of a prosperous future for the big cats, and we take pride in 'speaking' on their behalf.

Weimaraner Rescue of SA - Pretoria


We connected with a few stunning dogs, some birds and a duck. All of them had such amazing and interesting personalities. It was awesome. All the ladies (and Bradley) brought such a lovely energy to the day and we had so much fun. Hayley (Bradley's daughter) baked some very tasty scones for our tea breaks. Thank you Hayley. I look forward to the next one!!!



Next workshop


I will be running a level 2 ''Higher Techniques of Animal Communication'' workshop for all of you that have been waiting for this one. It will be held on Saturday 17th October in Pretoria (at Bradleys home).  Anyone interested in joining us for this workshop please contact Bradley on for the address and all the details.


In the Higher Techniques workshop we focus on learning the finer art of tracking lost animals using telepathic techniques. With the amount of animals that go missing over the fire-works periods it is extremely handy to be able to connect with your animal companions to possibly find out where they are and help guide them home.


In this workshop we will also focus on ''Intuitive Medical Body Scanning'' making it possible to look inside the animals to find possible abnormalities in their organs or other areas of their bodies. This however is not a replacement for traditional vetinary care but can help you provide some extra information that your vet can look into.


Being able to access the deeper level of telepathic communication can be hugely valuable to the health and well-being of your animal companions. It is an ability that everyone should strive to develop.





 Animal message cards


Gabriel and Isis both wanted to choose a message card for this newsletter.


The first card was chosen by Isis



 This next one is Gabriel's choice


Angel and Animal Cards


In this newsletter, the angel and animal cards are drawn as messages of support, love, healing and awareness for the next two months.



Until next time, with love and paw prints across our hearts…



Jenny, Sammy and the animals  


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