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In this issue: * Tribute to Pippin * Conversation with Rats * Valentine's Day Fundraiser * Forthcoming Workshops * Book Sale * Easter Message from Isis * Happy Easter

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2016 March ''Easter Newsletter''  

Hello Everyone, I hope all of you are keeping happy, healthy and well. With this newsletter I decided to start with a very special tribute to a very special little pig! 

Tribute to Pippin 
It is with great sadness that I tell you that on Friday 4th May our VERY special little piggy ''Pippin'' crossed over peacefully during her sleep. 
Many of you will remember her from the workshops. She really enjoyed meeting all of you and connecting with you on a telepathic level and introducing you to the intelligence, sensitivity and amazing personality of pigs.  
Pippin and Merri joined the family about 14 years ago. I had always loved pigs and after meeting their mothers ''Bella and Vista'' it cemented my love for pigs. Bella and Vista would always walk 1 km from their home to come and join us for our workshops. As the first person arrived at the gate I would open it to let them in and in would walk Bella and Vista to join us (and to get their Marie biscuit) 
The minute they each had a litter of babies I decided to adopt two ''Merri and Pippin'' 
Every night I would sing them to sleep with my own piggy song that I wrote specially for them. As I started singing they would drop onto their backs with their little legs in the air and smiles on their faces and go to sleep. In fact one day I remember having the vet over to check Pippin and she was having nothing to do with it. She really didn't want the vet to fiddle with her. Those of you that know pigs will know just how noisy they can be if you do something they don't like. (They squeal toe roof right off the top of the stable)  Well the only way I could get Pippin to lay down so that the vet could check her was to ''sing' to her. So there we were. I was sitting in a corner of the stable singing to my piggy while she lay on her back with her little legs in the air for the vet to check her.  
As the pigs got older I used to take them for walks down the road with the dogs. It is easy to walk a piggy if you have a pocket full of apples.
The highlight of my week was always Sunday when I would lay in the sun with my head resting on their cheeks. (one at a time) We would lay like this for ages while I chatted with them.  
Pigs are just SO sociable!!! 
Pippin was born with a deformity of her spine so as she got older she managed to walk less and less. However she was still always very cheerful and always had a smile on her little face. 
''My special Pip we are going to miss you but we do know that now you are free of your little body and are flying with the angels (and getting up to all sorts of mischief). 
Thank you so much for enriching our lives for so many years.  
Fly free my little angel. Until we meet again'' 

Conversation with rats 

This is a story that I have never shared with anyone before so I thought I would share it now in this newsletter. Most people think of rats as dirty vermin that carry disease. While this might be true what we forget to acknowledge is that rats are extremely intelligent and highly sensitive. They are also very family conscious. Once you find a rat in your home, the chances are that you already have LOTS of rats in your home. (they are expert hiders) 
On a spiritual and energy level having rats move into your home can be an indication that you might have some emotional baggage that needs to be cleaned out. You see even rats have a purpose! They too can be very spiritual.  
One thing about animal communication is that in order to communicate effectively and on a deep level you need to be open to communicating with ALL living beings. If you are not prepared to communicate with any specific species of animal you will only be hampering yourself.  
This particular experience happened a few years ago.  
Because I have a huge big feed-room to store all my horse and donkey feed I also have a huge amount of rats that had moved in. It was the perfect place for them as it had shelter and LOTS of feed that they could help themselves to at any time. 
 I had been trying to ''talk'' them out of the feed-room for ages and was beginning to get quite angry with them. I had even bought a metal drum with lid to try to prevent them from eating their way in. Rats chew literally everything. This is because in reality their teeth never stop growing (Just like an elephants tusks) the only way to keep their teeth down is to file them off on a metal object (or anything else they can find to chew on)  
One day as I went into to the feed-room I heard a sound and notices it was coming from a rubber dustbin I had placed in the corner. This dustbin had a huge hole in the lid where the rats had eaten through. I opened the lid and sitting in the bottom of the dustbin were about thirty rats. In their effort to get into the feed bin they had fallen in and couldn't get out as there was nothing to grip on to climb out.  
Well now I had a ''captive'' audience so decided to give them a HUGE pep talk. I asked them to please leave the horse feed alone and told them that this feed-room was NOT a safe place for THEM to be. I said that if they stayed in the feed-room the dogs would catch them and it wouldn't be nice so it would be MUCH safer for them if they left and found somewhere else to live. I explained that I would take them to a place and let them go but they would need to connect to ALL their friends and tell them to join them in their new safe place. I told them that I understood just how important they are to the universe and how clever they are and I just know that they have heard me and will listen. (I had to play a little on their egos)  
Just then Thomas (one of my gardeners) arrived to feed the horses so I asked him to please carry the dustbin full of Rats to the bottom of the property (about 400 m away) and gently let
the rats out into the felt grass. He did this straight away and with-in a few hours there were no more rats in the feed-room. The rats were gone for nearly a year. Then a new and improved batch of VERY stubborn rats moved in. But not to worry I will be chatting with them soon. 
Animal communication is not about singling out our favourite animals to connect with. It's about being open to ALL living beings. Once you can look past our interpretation of certain animals and see them in their soul forms then there will be nothing stopping you and you WILL be able to connect on a very deep level with every single animal that comes into your spoace. 

A Fundraiser to remember 

Valentine's Day fundraiser workshop: 

The fundraiser workshop we held on 14th February was so well attended. Thank you to ALL of you who joined us and helped us make this an awesome workshop with a difference. All the animals at Piels Farm Township have benefited greatly from your participation in this fundraiser.  
Ben ''seen below'' was the STAR of the day. Thank you Ben for joining us and contributing to the workshop in such an awesome way. 
Forthcoming workshops 

KZN two day workshop 
Have you ever wondered what your dog did all day while you were at work or where your cat went while you were safely asleep at night? 
This is your chance to find out. Join internationally recognised animal communicator & author Jenny Shone for a fun filled weekend learning the fine art of telepathic communication with all animals. 
Jenny will lead you on a magical journey where you will learn how to access and tune-in to the telepathic abilities that you were born with.
 This workshop will start from the basic skills of understanding how all animals communicate with each other and why they can become so easily confused by what we are trying to tell them or ask of them. 
 We will then move on to a much deeper connection where you will find out how you can apply your communication skills in a practical way on an everyday basis. You will learn the art of tracking lost animals using telepathic techniques and learn how to do an intuitive medical body scan in order to find possible abnormalities or health issues inside the animals. 
This body scan in no way should replace traditional veterinary care but can be used to assist your vet. 
This workshop will open up a whole new world of communication between you, your animal companions and all other animals you come in contact with. With practice you will be rewarded with a much deeper understanding of their needs and messages they are trying to convey to you on a daily basis.  
Anyone can learn this skill and no previous experience is necessary. 
This workshop will be held on the 7th and 8th May. For more information please contact Jenny directly on jenny@animalhealing.co.za  

Private workshop in Kyalami 

I will be running a private workshop in Kyalami in April.  
I really enjoy the private workshops as they give me the opportunity of meeting the most amazing people and their stunning animals in the privacy of their own homes.  
The atmosphere is always so relaxed and the animals are really open and keen to communicate with us ensuring some awesome results. 
If anyone is interested in having a private workshop in the comfort of your own homes please contact Jenny. 

Johannesburg workshops 

Due to all the requests I am very happy to say that we are in the process of organising some group workshops to be held in and around the Johannesburg area. Information of these will be posted to the website and Facebook page as soon as they have been finalised.

Book sale 

Please note: There is very limited stock of the 2nd edition of my book Paws & Listen so I am reducing the price in order to clear the stock before the updated 3rd edition arrives. The last of the 2nd edition books will be going for the reduced price of R150.00 per book.  
The 3rd edition is an updated version with a couple of additional stories added. The new 3rd edition book will be going for R200.00 and will be available soon 
I am so excited to tell you that my book will now also be available as an ePub. 
Watch this space for more on the Paws & Listen range of products.  

Easter Message from Isis 

Isis asked me if SHE could give this message for Easter.  She decided that she wanted to choose three cards and would then also give a message in her own words. Here are the cards she chose for all of us.  
This is a message directly from Isis in her own words. 
''Be gentle and honour the god inside each and every one of you. Our physical bodies reflect the state of our souls. So if we fill our minds with negative and dark thoughts our souls will not be able to thrive. However if we fill our minds with happy, light and joyful thoughts our souls will not only shine through our eyes but will shine through every cell in our bodies. 
 To follow a path that we are passionate about will indicate that we are following our soul purpose. But to follow a path that is difficult and brings no joy to us will be to trap our sous inside our physical bodies.  
My message to each and every one of you is to ''Find your joy and follow your passion'' and in doing so you will be allowing your light to shine for everyone to see.  
Recognise and honour the god inside you and keep your power. 
Each and every human and animal brings something unique to this world we live in. So BE YOURSELF'' 

Happy Easter  

Wishing all of you and your animal families a very happy and safe Easter holiday!  
This is a time to focus on family ''including the animals in the family'' It is a time to nurture those you love including yourself, comfort those that need it, show compassion to others, feel the joy in everything around you and find the inner-peace within your soul.  
It is time to let your light shine so that it will guide others out of the darkness and enable them to walk beside you in the light.  
Our wish for all of you at this time is that you have a happy, healthy and safe Easter break. Please make special preparations for your animal companions if you are planning a trip away so that they too may have a happy, healthy and safe time while they anxiously await your return. 
I would also request that we all give some thought to the less fortunate animals in shelters and townships and give a small donation to a charity or your choice so that they might also have some happiness and full tummies over this period. 
Thank you all so much for your constant support and for reading our newsletters as well as for supporting the workshops and fundraisers. 
Keep safe and keep smiling! 
 In love, light and laughter!  
Jenny and the animals  

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