January 2016 Newsletter


In this issue: * Intro by Jenny * New Arrival * Workshops coming up * New workshops proposed * Animal Message Cards

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Hello everyone, 
I hope all of you and your animal companions had a really great festive season full of love, good- health, lots of laughter, and are having a fantastic start to 2016. May this year be the year where all your dreams come true. 
First and foremost, I would like to say a very big ''thank you'' to all my clients, their humans and my students. Thank you so much for all the support you have given me over this past year. Thank you also for inspiring me to keep up the work I am doing. Together we have shared many tears and much laughter. We have grown in ways that there are no words for.  From the deepest part of my heart I say ''Thank you''. 

I have never believed in ''New Year's Resolutions''. I feel that we have all grown up with our personalities, likes, dislikes and specific behaviours or vices. What makes us feel that all of a sudden we can change all that just because it is a new year? However, I do believe we should all have a plan or specific goals in mind that we would like to achieve throughout the year. This is exactly the same with meditation. When you meditate, it is not about sitting still for a long period of time. It is just as important to set a goal for your meditation. Decide on what you would like to achieve through a specific meditation and focus on that. It is far better to do a short meditation that is full of quality rather than a long meditation that is wishy-washy. 

Once you have decided on what you would like to achieve through a specific meditation, concentrate on this goal for a few moments then focus on your breathing and really ''feel''
yourself achieving this goal.  You achieve nothing by doing nothing and remember your thoughts are far more powerful than your words. So ''Think carefully and speak wisely''. 

I am one of those people who feel that the biggest gift you can ever give anyone is the gift of ''empowerment''. This means guiding someone but allowing them to make their own mistakes as long as they learn from the mistakes they make. It also means putting them in a position where they can take responsibility for themselves and grow through their experiences.  
Every single person and animal is put in our paths for a reason and has something to teach us as well as learn from us. There is no one anywhere in the world that knows so much that they can't learn from others.  

Although I have been a professional animal communicator for many years I still really enjoy taking part in workshops or courses run by other animal communicators. And yes, I do learn from them as well. 
I feel there is always room for improvement and growth, so this year I am planning on taking part in a few workshops and courses to improve my own psychic, intuitive and healing abilities. This IS the basis of all animal communication. If your intuitive abilities are open and in-tune, your telepathic skills with animals will only be that much more powerful and accurate. 
Just like everything else you are trying to accomplish in your life you need to constantly work at it to improve it.  

Last year was an extremely difficult year for a lot of people ''including myself''. To improve the energy around us and that of the animals we share our lives with will not happen by sitting around complaining about the difficult times. It will only improve if we actually do something about it and consciously work on balancing and improving the energy surrounding us. 

Changing the energy around us and our loved ones should not be a chore. It needs to be fun, otherwise all we will be effectively doing is adding more negative energy to the already negative energy surrounding us. By making it fun and using laughter and sound, you can do wonders to lifting the energy and creating a more balanced, powerful and healthy energy.  

There are many ways of performing healing and one of them is healing through vibration. This is why cats are such amazing and natural healers. When a cat purrs, the purr causes a specific vibration which then enters into the cells of the person that the cat is sitting on. This vibration then moves through the body in a very subtle way and removes negative or unhealthy energy replacing it with good, vibrant and healthy energy.  
This year I have decided to get myself a drum and start some drumming exercises. I will then get a small group of friends together every full moon to do a ''full moon drumming meditation'' and work on lifting the energy to bring about good and positive experiences and healing for the planet, all the animals who inhabit it including the people.  
It would be great if some of you could also do something similar. Imagine all the good that will come of little groups of powerful souls all working to improve the energy around the entire earth plain? 
There is no reason why just because we are ''working'' at something it shouldn't be fun! My suggestion is that everyone finds something to smile or laugh about each and every day and keep the energy light!!!  

New Arrival
Some exciting news to start the year. Just before Christmas, Leyla joined the family. She is the most amazing, sweet, energetic, stubborn and lovable little Husky puppy.  She was 10 weeks old when she came to live with us and instantly injected so much enthusiasm (not to mention holes) into the family and the furniture. I had forgotten just how difficult a husky puppy could be!!!  
It was love at first site (or is that first ''Bite'' for Isis and Gabriel).  
I have always wondered why it is that when you have two well behaved dogs, and you bring in a naughty little dog, suddenly you end up with three ''naughty'' dogs? Our house will never look the same again. There is more mud inside than outside at the moment. 
It is the same with the donkeys. I used to have four really good, well behaved donkeys until one day I brought in a naughty little mini mule (Henry) and now I have four naughty donkeys and a naughty mule??? Anyone got any answers for me on this? None of the donkeys will fess up!!! 
Anyway, back to the dogs. Gabe and Isis have been going to school ''mainly to give Gabe some stimulation and training'' He really is extremely intelligent. I can't leave Isis at home so she comes too and does a little work then just goes for a walk while Gabe is showing off and
doing his thing. So obviously I now have to take Leyla with us so she can be socialised and not be left at home on her own either.  
On Sunday I asked Sylvie who is the wife of Colin our dog trainer to please puppy sit for me and keep an eye on Leyla while we were training. I thought she would just keep Leyla in the shade and allow her to watch us. But she had other ideas. When I looked around there was little Leyla in the row with all the big dogs lining up and walking and sitting and going through the motions. It was very cute. She only did ten minutes but it kept her asleep for the rest of the day.  
I am looking forward to seeing how little Leyla develops and grows but I will still have to protect the cats and the furniture, not to mention our shoes. 
At the moment Leyla is ruling the roost, and Gabe and Isis have to toe the line!!! 

Valentine's Day fundraiser workshop in Henley-on-Klip: 

On Valentine's Day 14th Feb 2016 we will be running a very special Fundraiser/Workshop in Henley-on-Klip at the Henley Hound Restaurant, Ewelme Road. The Henley Hound are proud supporters of Rainbow Nation Animals and welcomes the opportunity to host this unique workshop. 
This will be a special and different workshop focusing on the heart and soul connection with the love-of-your-life animal companion. We will concentrate on the soul of our animals and how to make the ultimate heart connection with them. 
A fantastic buffet lunch with vegetarian options prepared by a top chef will be included and all proceeds will go to Rainbow Nation Animals Township Project.  
Please join us and bring your partner, family and friends and help us make this A day to remember for these awesome and very special township animals. For more information please contact:  Helen on 082 553 7700 or helen@net1.co.za 

KZN Two Day Animal Telepathic Communication Workshop: 

Learn practical uses for your telepathic communication skills. 
This two day workshop will take you to a deeper level of animal telepathic communication. Once you have learnt the basics of how animals communicate, you will be taught practical ways of applying this skill to your everyday life. You will go on a journey of learning to “track” lost animals using telepathic techniques and will also fine -tune the art of intuitive medical body scanning. 
All these techniques are designed to improve the quality of the lives of your animal companions and any animal that crosses your path. By accessing your telepathic abilities you will find that your bond with all animals will deepen and your understanding of them will reach levels you never thought were possible. 
This will be a rather intense two days filled with fun and laughter. 
For information and booking for this workshop please contact Kim: 082 462 0294 or Jenny on jenny@animalhealing.co.za

New workshops for 2016 

Psychic Development Workshop 
This year I have decided to run some workshops ''improving your psychic abilities'' These workshops will be run as ''hosted workshops''. For those of you who are interested in developing this skill and can get a small group together, I will come to your home to run this workshop. 
In this workshop we will energise our Chakra systems and open our third eye to be able to tap into our psychic abilities which will take us to a much deeper level of understanding and insight. Always remembering that these abilities are only ever used for the good or betterment of others, and never used for negative means.  

Connecting with crossed over animals 
This workshop is very close to my heart as this is the reason I got into this work in the first place. Here you will learn the basics of how the soul works and what happens to our animals when they cross over. Where they go and what they do on the other side.  
You will also learn just how easy it is for them ''once they cross'' to see and hear everything we do in the physical world. You will also learn how to prepare yourselves so that you too can connect and see, hear or feel them. 
This workshop will also be held for small groups in the privacy of your own home just as the above mentioned workshop.  
For any queries of the above two workshops, please contact me directly on jenny@animalhealing.co.za  

Animal Message Card 
Our message card for January 2016 was chosen by Rikki. He is a gentle soul with a lot of kitty wisdom. He loves to socialise with people but has no patience with dogs or anyone who makes a lot of noise.
Our wish for all of you including the animals is that you have a happy, healthy, safe and prosperous 2016! 
We are looking forward to hearing from you and seeing some of you as well as meeting new people and animals through the course of this year. 
Sending you lots of love, light and laughter. 
Jenny, Sammy and the animals



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