June 2012


In this issue * New workshop to communicate with your own animals * Jenny's trip to Kruger Park * "Dance to be Wild" project * Tribute to Buddha, a special dog *

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NEWSLETTER - June 2012


New Workshop (1st one) - How to communicate with your own animals

Many people attend our workshops in animal communication, achieve great success at the workshops and with other people's animals, but feel they are not connecting and hearing their own animals.

This half-day workshop is specifically aimed at teaching you how to recognise communication channels with your own animals.  Practice sessions and exercises will be done to help you identify and strengthen the communication channels that already exist between you and your animals.


New Workshop (2nd one) - Telepathic Animal Communication with animals that have crossed over

A new half-day workshop aimed at teaching you how to connect with the souls of animals that have already crossed over.


Hello everyone,

I thought I would share with you some of the highlights of my recent trip to the Kruger National Park.  Some of you might already have seen the photos on Facebook!!!


We had an awesome time. We were only there for four days. However, we were lucky enough to see the big five TWICE.  Wow!!! It was amazing.


One morning as we were driving out of our camp around 06:00, with my sister Linda, brother in-law Michael and niece Nicola in the car in front of ours (my husband, my mother and myself) when suddenly a leopard appeared. She appeared to be stalking Linda and Michael's car. The leopard was extremely nervous as she walked right past our window then ran back into the bush. We wondered what had spooked her but then we saw the biggest male lion walking right down the road towards us. We waited as he approached and he walked so close to my window that I could have touched him if I had leant out of my window.


It is SUCH an amazing experience to meet animals in their true and natural wild state and just feel their raw energy.


The best way I can share my experience is to share some of the photos with you.


 (Please download the newsletter to access photos)


To be SO close to this stunning leopard was an awesome experience.



Then along came this fine chap. He was just so confident and relaxed.



Later that evening we were also lucky enough to have this Genet visit us in our camp. Isn't he gorgeous!!!




While we were in the Kruger Park I decided to try to help the Rhino's with their situation. I thought the best way to do this would be to help them speed up their vibration so that they would become totally invisible to any negativity that sounds them. As soon as I put this thought into action, there were suddenly NO Rhinos' to be seen anywhere.  I asked Alan and my mother if either of them was feeling negative and told them to stop, because they were chasing the Rhinos away!

The following day we started seeing them again. Every time I have gone to the Kruger (or any other game reserve for that matter), I usually park quite near the Rhinos and just connect with them or sit and spend time with them. However on this trip I found them to be extremely unsettled and restless. Some of them were quite angry. It was not safe to be near them for any length of time so we had to move on and give them their space.


They really do need OUR help. They don't need our anger, frustration, desperation or pity. They need us to be as calm as possible and as strong in our intention as we can to focus on changing the energy surrounding them and the people hunting them.


As I have mentioned many times before - “anger will only create more anger”

 The Endangered Wild Life Trust has a Rhino conservation programme. Please find out how YOU can get involved to raise funds for this VERY important programme.  Everybody CAN make a difference.


As we were making our way to Crocodile Bridge gate to exit the reserve for our long journey home, a young and quite naughty Hyena cane right up to our car and started chewing our tire. This made the perfect end to our perfect holiday!!!





I want to congratulate a very dear friend of mine. It must have been over a year ago that we sat at a coffee shop in Fourways after Sheila had this brainwave.  She planned to start a project called “Dance To Be Wild”, the sole purpose of which would be to raise awareness and funds for an anti - Rhino poaching programme


Sheila runs a dance studio in the Fourways area. She has taken her dancing to a whole new level even going abroad recently to raise funds and awareness and make this an international project.  All it took was an “idea” and then a lot of determination and total passion and the “Dance to be Wild” project was born.


Well done Sheila. We are all SO proud of you!!!


For more information on Dance To Be Wild please follow them on Facebook!!!


Tribute to Buddha


Some of you might remember Buddha, an amazing Newfoundland dog. Every time we go to Plettenburg Bay to work with the Elephants we stay with Estelle and Jon and their stunning animal family. Buddha would always be the first one at the car to help us carry our shopping bags or luggage into the house. He is one of the most spiritual dogs I have ever had the privilege to meet.


Many times I would go for an early morning walk to the beach and Buddha would come with me. It was on one of these early morning walks in the rain that I was met with a pod of whales at the beach. They stayed there for ages while I connected with them and Buddha played in the sand and waited for me to finish so that we could walk back to the house together.


Here is a message from Buddha


 â€œThere is no saddness in death. There is only saddness in life. The saddness comes when you become too serious and don't follow your passion. If you can do the things that make you happy and bring you joy then there will be no saddness. Once you have transitioned beyond the physical life into the spirit life, only then will you know the true meaning of LIFE.


Life is a gift not to be taken for granted.


Know yourself. Trust yourself. Be yourself”


Fly high with the angels Bud, we know you are looking down on us. Thank you for sharing your very special presence with us on so many occosains. We will ALWAYS remember you.


All our thoughts are with you Estelle, Jon, Tom Cat and Bizu.

Here is a photograph of Buddha sharing a special moment with Sammy.


(Please download the newsletter to access the photos)


And Buddha carrying the shopping



Rest in Peace, beautiful Buddha.




Sammy is in the process of moving house this month, and is finding everything in a state of flux currently.  She will be back to adding snippets to our next newsletter.


Until next time…


Jenny and the animals



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