September 2012


In this issue * how it went: new workshop communicating with own animals * dog shows with a difference * events in Oct at Shanthi Sanctuary * Sammy's bits on bringing the light to dog theft and dog fighting syndicates * Sammy's tribute to Hawk the horse *

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NEWSLETTER - September 2012


Hello everyone,


It seems like a long time since our last newsletter!!! Quite a lot has happened since then.


In July we held a special workshop designed to help people learn to communicate with their “own” animals.  You might think this is strange as the techniques are all the same. However, when you connect with a strange animal (One you don't know) it is a lot easier because you are not being influenced by anything you might already know about the animal.  It is VERY different communicating with your own animals. Too much information is not always a good thing and it can sometimes hamper the information you receive.


Working with your own animals is not about making a “connection” every time. It is more about “feeling” the connecting and being able to immediately “tap into” your animal's thoughts, feelings and emotions.  You already have an understanding of what is going on in their minds.  Now you just need to fine-tune this connection and instantly be able to know what is going on in every aspect of their lives.


The most difficult thing for us to do as humans is to let go of everything we know about our animals.  Allow our thoughts and any preconceived ideas WE have about our animals to go and “trust” totally in our intuition (easier said than done).  If we receive information that makes NO sense to us or something that we are really NOT expecting, that is when we have made the ultimate connection.

The group of ladies that took part in this new workshop were amazing. They all had SUCH profound results and experiences and yes, not all the information that came through was what they were expecting.

Sammy and I were so proud of all of them. We all had SUCH a great time.

We would also like to thank Sheila and John again for making their dance studio, home and animals available to us for this workshop.


We are also hoping to be able to hold some workshops “connecting with crossed over animals “in the future.  One of the highlights of my career as an animal communicator is working with crossed over animals. It is always a totally humbling experience.


Sammy will share one of her experiences with you on this subject.


Dog shows with a difference


I had the most amazing experience recently when I was asked to help judge at two very different and both very stunning dog shows. The first one was organised by the NDDF “Namaqua Dog & Donkey Foundation”.  For those of you not familiar with them, they are an organisation that runs a programme focusing on education, sterilization and vaccination in the township areas. (They also have a feeding programme in place). Well I was amazed to see just how stunning all the dogs looked. The dogs together with their owners were SO excited to be able to “show” themselves off to all of us who had gone there to support them. We wanted to see how much the dogs had improved (in behaviour) and the people (in handling skills) since their last show a year ago.


Here are some of the highlights of the show at Peels Farm in Kliprivier.


(Please download pdf document to access the photographs) 


What a great day we ALL had!!!

If you would like to contribute towards this worthy cause, please text DONATE to 42372).  R10.00 will go towards feeding one dog.


The following week I was asked to judge at the fancy dress competition for Mike and Lee-Anne at “S & R All Breeds Dog Training Centre” in Boxburg.  Mike & Lee-Anne run the most amazing dog school. (You can find them on Facebook) They are SO relaxed.  After putting the dogs through their paces and getting them to relax, they are all allowed off lead to run and play with each other.

It is like one big happy family!

I got to meet SUCH special dogs and their humans were also very committed.  A really lovely group of people and dogs.

I can recommend S & R All Breeds Dog School to anyone wanting to train their dogs AND have fun at the same time.  When you think of it, there is NO point in taking your dogs to school if THEY don't like it! After all - it is THEIR school day - and everyone learns more when they are relaxed and happy (even human children)


Here are some of the highlights of the fancy dress competition.

Just look at this three year old in the picture on the right. He is putting these seven month old Grate Dane puppies through their paces. It was awesome to watch this dog trainer in progress!!!

For anyone wanting to find out more about S&R All Breeds dog training school, please contact Mike Angel on 084 362 2183



Important note


Please be aware that dog poisoning is on the increase yet again.  PLEASE take extra care to make sure your dogs and cats are safe. Speak to your vet to learn more about what steps to take that might save your dogs/cats life in an emergency.”


Events in October

St Francis day is coming up and Shanthi Sanctuary is holding a special day to cellebrate and at the same time raise funds for FreeMe Wild Life sanctuary. This will take place on 6th Oct and there will be many animal communicators and healers giving their services on this day. I have been invited to be the speaker of the day so I am hoping as many of you as possible will join me on this day to support FreeMe.  The lady organising this special day is Diana, please email her on

I will also be running a workshop in animal telepathic communication on 20th Oct. This workshop is being organised by Sundancer promotions. For anyone who is interested in finding out more about it please contact Diana on for more information.  Poster is attached.


Sammy and I will be in Cape Town to run a two day workshop on 13th & 14th Oct. (Poster attached) We are SO looking forward to being in Cape Town again. It has been a long time since we were there.


Sammy's Bits and Pieces


Dog Theft and Dog Fighting Syndicates - what we can do

There has recently been a lot of emails and news regarding dog theft syndicates and dog fighting syndicates.  As this year is THE year in terms of sorting out anything and all unwanted, negative and stuck, there are many things coming to our collective attention to heal, and one particular area that needs a lot of healing is the ill-treatment of animals.  I would love to run out and save as many abused and ill-treated animals as I can, but it's not physically possible to do and can sometimes by a very impractical idea. 


So what can we do to help? 


There is a lot that we all can do to speed up the process of bringing such injustices to animals to “light”, and it starts by becoming aware that we are all connected, to each other as humans, to every creature and species, and most of all, to the earth.  This means that every injustice is a part of us, and that we can play a part in bringing light to the darkness, to bring compassion, kindness and understanding to the misguided humans who perpetrate these injustices.  Now, more than ever before, our collective thoughts, wishes, dreams, words and actions are creative, pulsing outwards from us into the collective pool of global consciousness.  What this means is that we can no longer send anger, hatred, hurt, fear and intolerance outwards towards the people, places and events that cause harm to other humans or animals, but that we have to focus on sending angels of light to these people, places and events, to bring understanding, compassion and awareness.  The more people who do this, the more healing surrounds the situation, and the more impossible it becomes for negativity to manifest.  By those very actions, we create a situation where only light can flourish and negativity cannot be.

And the way to achieve this can be quite simple.  Take a small corner of a room, and create an altar of healing.  This could include crystals, pictures of angels, deities, blessed water, feathers, rocks, in fact anything that you feel connects you to your higher self, to mother earth, to the universe, and to a sense of grace.  Include a candle and once a day, spend five minutes with the altar, lighting the candle and setting your intention… to send love, light, healing, kindness, compassion, understanding and awareness to every human, animal, species and place on earth where any lower form of energy exists that allows injustices to be carried out, and ask for this to be done under Grace, which means that you empower your intention with the highest form of energy, so that only good can come of it.  State your intention to yourself over and over again for these five minutes, while staring into the flame, then send a prayer of gratitude for it being done, and douse the candle.

The more people who do this, the more grace and love will flow around the planet and the more opportunity will exist for amazing miracles to happen.


When animals cross over

I met this beautiful horse on the left, earlier this year.  Jenny Schmidt, a good friend who many of you may know, was baiting him.  He had survived a bout of horse sickness last year, and I found him to be an exceptionally wise horse.  His bout of horse sickness had moved him through a period of personal awakening to his higher self, similar to the journey a shaman will go through to awaken to his higher self. 

Hawk was euthanased recently due to an inoperable cancerous growth in his nasal passages and Jenny asked me to share some of what I have come to understand through communicating with animals that have crossed over, so that she could give some light to the human who owned Hawk, from whom she was baiting him.

I wrote a tribute to Hawk, which I would like to share with you, as the content of the tribute is something I think is suitable at this time, for many who have loved and lost incredible friends… their animals.



My Tribute to Hawk

Hawk was an incredibly special soul.  His bout of horse sickness had given him an “awakening” to a much higher perspective on life and on earth.  He had a deep wisdom and knowledge and the time he spent on earth since then was for a much higher purpose than most horses I have met. 

When I first met him, I couldn't shake a deep feeling of sadness that I felt, which stayed with me for days afterwards.  He came to me more than once in meditation after our first meeting, and also came through when I opened the space to do client consultations with animals.  I came to understand that his sadness was his connection with the higher souls that watch over horses on this planet, as well as with the ancestral spirits of horses through the ages.  These entities were saddened at how the original and beautiful purpose for horses coming to earth had been misunderstood by humans and how humans had mistakenly felt the need to constrain these beautiful souls, and translate their (our) human need to control and their (our) human fear of freedom into the way they (we) dealt with horses.  I came to understand that horses originally came to earth to assist humans in our work, this we understood, but they came to do it freely, with no need for constraints, boundaries, limits.  This we, as a collective species, didn't get and so we caged them, put them in paddocks, put them in constraints to control them while we mounted them and demonstrated our physical prowess and control over them, and used and often abused them over the years.  This didn't stop horses from coming, though, or from loving us, or from accepting us we were and accepting their lot with us.  Most horses understood and accepted this, understanding a higher perspective and enjoying their time with their humans and loved, and were loved, their whole lives.

Hawk, when I met him, was working very strongly with the energies of the earth.  Most animals I have met in the last two years specifically, and animals I have worked with in this time, are working to clear the energies of the earth, to help humankind lift our collective vibration from the past of negativity, fear, anger and hatred, towards an earth on which a new kind of human resides, ones filled with love, compassion, kindness, forgiveness.  Such humans will work towards an abundance for all, having learnt to release their “all for me and mine, above everyone else” perspective.  This is the new earth that this year is all about.

Hawk was also working with the energies of those around him.  His higher vibration was holding a space for the horses around him to move into an understanding of their own higher purpose.  He was attracting to that space horses that would and could hold a higher energy.  He was also working with the energy of his humans, and the humans that he came into contact with.  Whomever he met, he affected in some way, in a positive way, and every human that came into contact with him, was left vastly richer for having met him.

During 2011, over a period of several months, every consultation I did was the result of a request to communicate with the soul of the animal that had crossed over.  During this time, I delved deeper into what happens when animals cross over, asking for more information from each and every animal's soul, their guides, as well as the guides with whom I was working at the time.  I began to understand so much more about crossing over and what happens.  I know there is far more than what I have come to understand and that what I have is merely a small snapshot of the greater purpose, but I hope that by sharing what I learnt, it will bring peace to those who have lost loved ones, animal and human.

Firstly, I have come to understand that animals do not experience pain the way we humans do.  It is not for the animals to experience or remember pain the way we do, and so their souls will often leave the physical body before trauma is experienced, or when death is near.  This is to ensure that they do not carry a physical memory of pain, with them to the other dimension. 

Secondly, I was surprised to learn that every animal knows when it's time to cross over is coming, even those who cross over during what we term “an accident”.  There is no accident in the greater scheme of things.  Animals do not fear death or dying as we humans do, and accept it knowing that it is not a “death”, an ending, but merely a crossing over into a different form.  Animals know that the essence of who they are does not die with their bodies… that their souls carry on, enriched by their most recent physical experience. 

Both our souls and the souls of animals are so huge, more than we could comprehend in our limited physical experience, that when an animal crosses over, one part of the whole soul will come to the side of the human / human's they have been with and will stay by the human's side, acting as guide and angel, until the human's time on earth is complete.  Because of the enormous growth in the human spirit during the last few years, the “veil” between this dimension and our spirit dimension is much thinner.  Many animals have chosen to cross over at this time, as they are better able to then work with their humans in spirit form, rather than in the limiting physical form they had.  They are able to be with their humans all the time.

Something else that I have been told many times by the souls of animals that have crossed over, is that when an animal crosses over, the animal removes an amount of negative, fearful energy from this earth, and leaves a gap behind, the “hole in our heart”.  As nature abhors a vacuum, energies rush in to fill this space.  The animals ask time and again that their humans fill this space with loving, joyful thoughts of the times they spent together, to focus on the good, the loving, the kind, the compassionate nature of their time together, not to focus on the loss, the pain, the anger, the fear etc.  Focusing on the joy will fill the space they left with much higher energies, and this will help greatly in speeding up the increase in vibration in humankind.

Hawk was a beautiful, special horse.  His soul will carry that beauty forever forwards.  He is still very much with those humans he bonded with closely during his last lifetime.  He will bring his dignity, grace, love and wisdom with him to guide and protect these humans for the rest of their physical lives.  Think of him with love in your heart, allow yourself to grieve but let the process flow, don't try to block it or push it away as this will block his connection with you.  Think of the good times you had together, hold an image of him in your mind, feel the love you always felt for him, and this will allow him to connect with you, and allow you to feel him and his guidance for you.  

Nothing happens without reason, nothing happens by chance.  Everything that happens has a reason and even if we do not understand or know the reason, know that the universe works this way.  Even Hawk's death had a purpose, perhaps to remove a huge amount of negativity and illness from this world.  Bless his soul, for he was huge in life, and will remain huge in spirit with those humans whose lives he touched during his life.  He will remain with you in spirit for the remainder of your life, and will work with you during this time.  Call on him for guidance whenever you feel lost or stuck, allow him to guide you back to your path again.  Call on him when you need solace, allow him to assuage your grief.  Call on him when you need to know you are never alone.  His soul is free now, free to run unrestricted and unhindered.  To a soul, death is a release from the lower physical vibration of earth, and the moment of death brings absolute joy to a soul.

Rest in Peace, beautiful Hawk.  I picture you flying across the heavens as your name suggests, spreading love and light wherever you go.  Thank you for what you did during your life on earth, thank you for what you will continue to do for your humans and every one of us who you connected with.  You will be missed, and you are always loved.

Thinking of you Jen at this difficult time. Hawk will always be in your heart and the hearts of everyone he touched while he was still in his physical form.

Luv ya!!!


Until next time…


Jenny, Sammy and the animals



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