Good foods for dogs


A list of foods that can be shared with your dog

The following information was kindly researched, compiled and provided by Laverne Hyman.



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Apples contain potassium, which stimulates the immune system, and pepsin, which helps the stomach.  Be careful not to feed the pips.

Broccoli is rich in vitamins.

Carrots are rich in vitamins, great treats to substitute for biscuits.

Cabbage is also rich in vitamins, good for digestive system and for the skin.

Cucumber is good for teeth and bones due to potassium content. Combined with carrots it will promote a healthy liver and kidneys; in juice form, it acts as a good diuretic.

Celery chopped or juiced; can help with arthritis.

Garlic removes waste from blood, can help repel fleas; use fresh garlic finely minced but be careful to keep to small quantities.

Green beans are also a healthy treat when lightly steamed.

Parsley has been known to reduce allergy symptoms and aid kidney function; chop finely or boil parsley and add the juice over food.

Green or yellow squash, asparagus and spinach is very healthy and tasty.

Whole grains including oats, oatmeal, brown rice, are very healthy.

Plain low-fat or no-fat yogurt.

Olive oil, sesame oil (a tablespoon a day is good for skin and fur).

Vitamin B complex can bolster health, calm a stressed nervous system and help repel fleas. It is vital to get your veterinarian to prescribe the correct dose for large or small dogs as well as for cats.

Preparation suggestions: As dogs have small digestive tracts it is far better to serve lightly steamed vegetables rather than raw veg. This aids in the digestion process.


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