Level 1 Home Study - Basic Animal Communication


Level 1 Home Study - Basic Animal Communication

Animal Telepathic Communication

Level 1

Home Study Course

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By completing Level 1 Animal Telepathic Communication you will be able to tap into the thoughts and feelings of your animal friends and any animal that you come in contact with.  You will also be able to connect and communicate with animals through a photograph.

Our aim is to re-awaken the abilities that you were born with and take you on a magical journey of discovery, finding out what the animals you share your homes with are experiencing.. Telepathy is as natural as breathing.

Join us on this journey and deepen your connection with all animals!

Course Content


Sending and Receiving

Too Many Thoughts Give a Busy Signal

Keep It Light Hearted

Enhance Your Relationship with Animals

When to Use Telepathic Communication

Removing the Cloak of Negativity

Meditation - Connecting To Your Animal Guide

How to Do It


Some Frequently Asked Questions.


The Next Step

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